Reasons why iPhone is still better than Android

This is an endless debate! Ever-increasing Android users swear by it and the comparatively smaleer, yet steadily increasing iPhone community stands by it firmly. Even though iPhone users have their own set of issues, and Android users are still jealous of iPhone users, lets have a look at why we think iPhone still beats Android to be the best!

Android needs effort to learn:

And everyone will accept this fact! Android phones are like a maze and the user has to find his way out of it! Comparatively, the designers of iPhone have got into the minds of the user and designed the phone in a beautiful manner, that’s very, very easy for the user to understand. You could say that the struggles that a Android user comes across are not witnessed at all by iPhone users. This makes iPhone a hit, especially among older people.

Apple has the best service centres:

We’ve all come across numerous Apple stores across the city – in shopping malls, in arcades. You look around and it won’t be hard to spot an Apple store. Now this is because Apple actually cares about its customers. There’s a rare probability that you may come across any glitches, but if you do, they’re more than ready to help you out! And Android users…well…

Developers are biased towards iPhones too!

Any new app that’s developed features on iPhone first. That’s because iPhone is the darling of developers! Any new app, any app updates – straight go to iPhones. And because Androids are so complicated, these reach them much later!

iPhones are a lot more secure:

Facts, figures, statistics – you ask anyone and they’ll tell you the same – iPhones are secure! At least much more than Androids! And this concern and care that Apple has for their customer reflects in the emphasis laid on safety and security that iPhone provides!


iPhones are much faster:

No scope even for a debate here – even Android users will accept the fact that iphones are much faster while they trod along slowly! Apple has paid heed to the current generation’s need for speed and is continuously coming up with upgraded versions to provide better services to their customers.

Androids are scattered, iPhones are uniform:

The new upgraded versions of iPhones are on the same lines as the previous ones, except of course – they have better features. But Android phones have no specific pattern when it comes to their upgraded models and this comes as a surprise to users. More than often, leads to confusion.

This debate is always going to be on our minds, no matter what we do to put it down! So might as well have your share of fun watching the constant bickering between Android and iPhone users!