A Cyborg is defined as a fictional and hypothetical person with physical abilities extended beyond usual human limitations. They have it by mechanical elements built into the body. We have only really seen cyborgs in movies and never really thought that it would be a real technology. Well, many beg to differ. Some of the most significant advancements in Cyborg technology are:

Hearing Colors

This might sound weird to you, but it’s not. It is one of the most notable feats in Cyborg technology. Neil Harbisson, an activist and artist, was born colour-blind. Neil decided to change that. In 2004, he implanted an electronic antenna to the back of his skull. It turns frequencies of light into vibrations. His brain interprets these vibrations as sounds, which in turn allows him to “hear colour”. It was in a bunch of controversies too. He fought the British government when it took issue when it found the antenna that showed up in Neil’s passport. He won, and he is the world’s first legally recognised Cyborg.

Artificial Vision

Jens Naumann is a research and development veteran in Dobelle Institute’s experimentation of the artificial vision project. Naumann was involved in two accidents in his 20s causing him to lose his vision. In 2002, Naumann was a part of the clinical trial at the Dobelle Institute. In the trial, a television camera was connected to his brain. This resulted in dots of light combining to form shapes and outlines of the world around him, giving him a dot matrix type mission.

Mind-controlled Bionic Leg

Zac Vawter, a software engineer, was the first one who used this technology. His leg was amputated above the knee in 2009. This technology translated brain signals into physical movement and Vawter’s prosthetic was considered to be a huge deal as it was the first leg prosthetic to use it.

The Bebionic Arm

The Bebionic Arm contains individual motors to move berry joint independently. It is said to have

14 predetermined grip patterns. It is delicate enough for the user to hold an egg without breaking it. It also strong enough to carry weights up to 45 kilos. It has been available commercially sincere 2010 and has undergone several changes improving its features.

These are some of the most significant innovations in Cyborg technology and looking at them it is safe to say that shortly, we will see many improvements.